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Wayne Maxwell is a creative thinker, his journey leads from his mind through his elbows and down to his hands. Working with everyday materials to sculpt and forge new possibilities, in furniture, lighting, art and sculpture.

Wayne draws from his active upbringing in Africa and his extensive travels then fuses creative flair, talent and over 25 years of design experience to create a look that is truly unique.

“Every piece I make is individual by design, I like to think of it as imperfect perfection. Beauty comes through individuality, and allowing the natural materials to reveal themselves.” 

Wayne Maxwell

Wayne’s clients seek him out, looking for individual items to lift their interiors 

and add that unique personal feeling to their homes.

Home is where the heart resides and each heart is unique in it’s feelings.


If you would like to find out more about his process, 

please feel free to contact him or visit his studio.



Phone: 07941 914709

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